The Body Shop Malaysia follows in the footsteps of Dove in the real-beauty storytelling by launching a new heartbreaking video, starring a little girl of five or so. The “Unnatural Beauty” spot comes as a interview with a kid who has apparently become a victim of wrong beauty role models—the girl tells what being beautiful means to her, and this picture is far from healthy standards.

To drive its philanthropic campaign “Chime for Change” to the new heights, Gucci is rolling out a new fragrance-centric effort that aims to attract new donations. Part of proceeds from selling five designated iconic Gucci fragrances will be used to fund the program set to improve social lives, careers and health of women and girls in deprived regions across the world.

Dove has conducted a new awesome psychological experiment themed around how women perceive their natural beauty. The effort that follows the award-winning piece Beauty Sketches was inspired by a study, which showed that 80% of women feel anxious about their appearance. The Dove: Patches groundbreaking experiment is demonstrating that the beauty is already within us, and it can be “activated” with just one thing—our desire to feel beautiful.