Despite the fact that 77% of CMOs in 2014 «had good understanding of big data,» according to the Forbes Insights study, a new independent research by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business shows that just 29% of all marketing efforts use the results of marketing analytics—at least in the U.S. The school has been conducting the survey sponsored by McKinsey and American Marketing Association twice a year since February 2012, with 288 top marketers from the U.S.

Despite predictions that digital age would ‘kill’ TV, most consumers in the developed countries (particularly, in the U.S.) are watching TV more than ever, while laptops, tablets and mobiles, so-called «second» or «third screens», even enrich TV viewing experience. As the latest Nielsen’s report reveals, 85% of mobile owners use their tablet or smartphone while watching TV at least once per month, and 40%do so daily. More specifically, 41% use a tablet while watching TV daily, and 39% use a smartphone.