Coca-Cola is committed to spreading happiness and sharing positive emotions all around the globe. Usually, one doesn’t need much to feel happy, since even a small gesture, a little personalized gift can make our day. In Australia, the legendary soft drink brand has released a range of bottles and cans with the most popular names in the country—Jess, Sam, Edward, Matt, Kevin, Kate and others (there are 150 of them)—printed on the front of the packaging as part of the Share a Coke campaign ahead of the Christmas season, inviting people to buy these personalized drinks for their friends and family. Consumers can purchase the cans and bottles, which already have the names, or ask to put the ones they want for free at one of 18 Westfield Shopping Centers.

Men are like kids—this notion, well-known to all women, underlies the new initiative, launched by IKEA in Australia, following the release of the Have a Gö marketing initiative in the country. For this year’s Father’s Day weekend, the non-public holiday celebrated in Australia on first Sunday of September, the international furniture retailer created one-of-a-kind recreational space for men who come to the company’s Sydney store with their girl-friends or wives.

The Italian coffee brand illy, which infuses coffee with art in its bespoke Art Collection, is extending the range of artist cups and saucers with a new limited-edition piece, created by celebrated Bombay-born sculptor Anish Kapoor, who’s been living in London for 40 years. The artist, known for his giant projects such as his huge Leviathan intallation in Paris or Cloud Gate in Chicago, this time switched to tiny sizes, but still applied his unparalleled approach and signature style to designing the cup. Just like most of his creations, the new illy coffeeware has a metallic touch and is dedicated to blending emptiness/fullness and external/ internal in one piece.

ABSOLUT, the world’s original premium vodka, developed a new drinking experience which fuses the ABSOLUT VODKA and the finest wine making traditions of New Zealand premium wine brand, Brancott Estate. This resulted in ABSOLUT TUNE, a sophisticatedly designed and tasting product which will be available for a limited time only across three select Merivale venues in Sydney.

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA has launched a new promotion in Australia, encouraging the nation to ‘Have a Gö’ and be ready to come out and fight to make all homes well-furnished. The new marketing campaign kicks off with a 60-sec advert, revolving around the theme of epic medieval battles, showcases dozens of people running with chairs and lamp stands to destroy old interiors and bring new spirit to the boring spaces.