Jack Daniel’s Australia is going to celebrate its birthday in September with a crowd-sourced bar, and it’s seeking creatives that will help the company implement the idea. Fans are called to donate their precious time as well as enthusiasm, equipment and materials for the future “world’s first crowd sourced bar” that will carry Jack Daniel’s DNA.

Australian bio-tech Starpharma is announcing a revolutionary condom that can dramatically reduce transmission of HIV virus as well as herpes and human papilloma virus. The new product that is to hit the shelves in Australia in the coming months, is coated with the special antiviral VivaGel that is said to kill 99.9 per cent of HIV along with decreasing the chance of pregnancy.

Bosch Australia has launched an old-school game on its Facebook page, inviting its fans to spot the brand’s products in a nice winter picture. Celebrating the winter season on the continent, the brand is giving away its nearly Christmas presents to those who will correctly solve the riddle by indicating the coordinates of a Bosch item in the picture.

Cadbury Australia has teamed up with Red Agency to introduce a new take on how to harness social media data. On June 19-24, the chocolate company installed the special kiosk, Joy Generator, at different venues across Sydney that encouraged passers-by to log in their Facebook profiles and get a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate product that perfectly matched with their personality.

Domino’s Pizzas Australia is launching a new promotion, Pizza Mogul, allowing everyone to become a millionaire by starting their own business on the brand’s platform. The consumers are invited to create their own pizza recipe, name, share it across the social media channels, and eventually sell it. The more popular the pizza variety is among other consumers, the more the creator will earn.