Lynx-AXE has launched its new campaign, “Wingman Academy,” dedicated to those who know what real male friendship and support are. The spots, hosted on Facebook brand page, feature actor and comedian Russell Kane, who stars as a head of training center for aviation cadets and ‘teaches’ them how to keep their body dry even when the hottest ladies are around. Under his guidance, the Lynx product helps the military group achieve stunning results and maintain unruffled composure (almost) even when several gorgeous ladies in gold panties are a cm close to them. That’s what real military bearing means.

AXE has launched another controversial campaign, revolving around a very delicate theme—men’s ‘early perspiration.’ With all its bold promotional projects focusing on male-female carnal relationship, now AXE seems to be touching probably the most embarrassing topic for men—their ‘too prominent’ reaction to hot ladies. Despite the fact that the sexual references are clear, the campaign keeps within the bounds of decency and showcases nothing else but guys’ wet armpits.

AXE is going on engaging its consumers in its silly but funny campaigns. One year ago the brand launched a faux TV show for men who have problems with ladies, and promised to help everyone who would try to apply the tips and strategies. The campaign has the tagline saying “AXE will fix you up«, and it really does what it promises. Now the brand updates the campaign with a new prank called «Dirty Morning Test» by the Mekanism studio.

AXE, the Unilever’s male bodycare brand, is well-known for its provocative campaigns, which are balancing on the edge of decency and always step into the risky zone with its below-the-belt humour. This time the brand doesn’t change the style and wants the men’s equipment to be always clean and smell nice. The new campaign seems to be a totally new level of commercials with sex innuendos.