Live your life to the fullest, live your life fast. According to the Maya predictions, the world will come to the end in 2012 and we have just one year to experience all the outrageous things that are not on the list of things we usually do. Lynx (AXE) has launched a campaign, developed Droga5 and dubbed Lynx Fast Life in Australia to inspire people across the country and on other continents as well to take a risk and try something new in your life—at least, digitally.

AXE would lose its unique style if it decided to turn respectable and stop balancing on the edge of decency. And that’s why it’s not going to change its style at all. The brand, well-known for its controversial campaigns revolving around sex-related themes, released a bunch of short ironical spots, which offer another approach to discussing the embarrassing topics. The vignettes, which were uploaded to the AXE Canada official YouTube-channel, appear in the top section on the AXE Channel website for male consumers, which provides them with valuable tips on a very wide range of topics and humorous content.

For quite a long time, AXE (or Lynx as it’s called in Europe) has been cherishing the idea of developing the perfect saving water method in line with its previous controversial approaches. Last year, the brand even launched a campaign, encouraging people to take shower together at once in order to use less water, and now it has pushed the initiative further and set the new Guinness world record for Most people showering simultaneously (single venue). Lynx invited 152 Brits, both guys and gals, to partake in the event and be the ones who would help the whole thing happen.

Each year in June, the Côte d’Azur becomes the place with an overwhelming concentration of ‘lions’ (not animals, but beastly amazing advertising pieces) thanks to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. This year’s event, which was taking place June 19–25, saw “thought-leaders and experts in all forms of communications and creative thinking come together to inspire, debate and entertain” and revealed the best advertising projects from all around the globe.

On May 06 Lynx introduced a real time social hub app allowing multiple users to post messages, photos and videos of their nights out to help them do what was previously deemed almost impossible—remember what happened yesterday night when the morning comes. So far only partygoers in the United Kingdom have this opportunity as it was only a soft launch. In three weeks, according to the brand, this software will be made available to general public using the existing social media outlets owned by the brand, such as the Lynx Facebook page, Youtube channel and the Lynx Effects website.