Consumers won’t believe that your product is really good until they see the results of crash tests and, which is much more convincing, participate in them. Most frequently, these experiments are arranged to highlight the possibilities of autos, software or a range of appliances, but such things as lingerie, performance drinks, furniture and men’s courage can get into spotlight as well.

‘Catch them young’ is thought to be the secret motto of all companies and brands, but as their activity proves, they are not only establishing strong ties with younger consumers from early years of their life to make them used to buying a particular product, but also support their creativity, encourage to develop eco-friendly attitude and start making contributions to the world though participating in a range of social projects devised or supported by brands. Today, we at Popsop are delving into answering the question of what marketing efforts attract representatives of Generation Z (born 1991-2002) and to some extend Generation Y (born 1981-1990).

AXE Brazil teamed up with the BBH agency to present a new provocative commercial just in its usual teasing and tongue-in-cheek style. Now, the story is centered on the divine creatures of the universe who come down to earth and turn into mortal ones just because of AXE Excite (and the guy wearing it). The fragrance can make you forget the rules and commitments, because even heaven can’t resist the temptation when smells this alluring scent.

Which brand explores the world’s manliest rituals, battles early perspiration, encourages consumers to take shower together to save more water and run a marathon in underwear? Of course, it is AXE, which is shocking the public with its original campaigns, all revolving around sexuality and men’s myths. Surprisingly enough, the new campaign launched by the brand has stepped aside from the paved trail and is all about adventures and aliens.

AXE has kicked off a massive campaign revolving around the “Less female friends, More women” tagline for the new product, AXE Ex-Friend, launched on the South America market. This time, one of the most sexism-driven brands in the world is employing the theme of male and female friendship and is highlighting the highly debatable notion that girls are not for being friends with, but to sleep with.

Every culture has its unique traditions of conquering a woman’s heart. AXE teamed up with the Funny or Die website to find it out what helps win ladies in different parts of the world. Two guys, Trey and Julius, embarked on a long global journey to participate  in a number of bizarre challenges, which are dating back to the Middle Ages or even earlier periods. The guys had a really tough time during the tests, and now their adventures are showcased in a series of 3-minute episodes under one title “World’s Manliest Rituals.”

This November, Lynx (which is another name for AXE in some countries) is opening the doors to its Australian resort, designed only for straight men, which are sure to appreciate mud wrestling, hot massages and wake up calls from «friendly and flexible» girl staff with gorgeous bodies and deep sexy voices. The Lynx Lodge, which is defined as the «ultimate man-cation destination,» is going to become the most wanted place to spend time before Christmas in an only-male-friends company.

AXE launched its “One Night Only” concert series on August 16 with acclaimed rapper T.I., who took the stage for an intimate secret show performing in NYC. Marking T.I.’s highly anticipated return to the stage, the show was filled with surprise appearances from artists B.o.B., Keri Hilson and Swizz Beatz, and T.I. debuted tracks from his soon to be released album, “King Uncaged.”

AXE, a leader in men’s care, teamed up with the Sports and Leisure Research Group, to conduct a study with guys and girls at six major U.S. colleges and universities to see what they really thought about male grooming. In the random crossover study, guys at six major Universities were asked to shower with bar soap for one week and with AXE Phoenix Shower Gel and the AXE Detailer Shower Tool for a week.