Brand design consultancy Elmwood has revealed an exciting new identity for the men’s grooming AXE/Lynx range, while another well-known design and innovation company Seymourpowell has designed the bottle for it, “Icon2.” The challenge was to capture the unique, sophisticated yet youthful identity of the fragrance with the contemporary graphics and an intuitive design. The designers were approached with a task to communicate the humour, sexual attraction and masculinity AXE’s ethos using a playful, eye-catching and visual language.

AXE is launching a new line of products, AXE Peace, and rolls out a campaign to promote a simple, but powerful weapon for a positive change across the globe—a kiss. The promotional effort uses the legendary “Make Love. Not War” slogan emerged back in the 60s as the maxim of the youth opposed to the Vietnam War. Now, half a century later, when the world is still shaken with war, AXE is determined to bring the motto back using its brand power to inspire the young generation.

The Lynx Africa turns 18 this year, and to celebrate this occasion the brand has teamed up with the TMW agency to roll out an art-focused campaign dubbed “The can becomes the man.” Lynx has launched a digital hub and commissioned 17 artists to share their creative pieces revolving around the cultural heritage of the fragrance. The 18th work is to be created by the label’s fans.

Unilever’s AXE is taking on Procter & Gamble’s Gillette with a release of a new razor in the US. The brand, which is known for its range of body wash products and deodorants for male consumers, has teamed up with Energizer to introduce the AXE razor, which turns to be the new version of Schick’s value-priced Hydro 3 model. The product comes in clack packaging design just in the brand’s style and visual approach—it is available on, shipping starts on February 15.

Following the example of Red Bull and Virgin, which are definitely in love with space, AXE (Lynx) launches its own space-related initiative. The brand is providing its fans from around the globe with a hilarious once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a trip on board of the Lynx suborbital spacecraft. While previously the brand used to focus on the controversial theme of male-female relationship, now it goes big and serious. The AXE Apollo project has become the biggest and most ambitious initiative of the brand’s 30-year history.