Coca-Cola is continuing to bring happiness across the world with smaller branded efforts that spread joy and positivism in the distant parts of the globe. Recently, the soft drinks giant has launched the “Happiness from the Skies” project that celebrated migrant workers of Singapore and realized the “Hello Happiness” effort to emotionally support labourers in the UAE.

Coca-Cola is extending its sustainable efforts from dedicated campaigns to a new brand centered around the cause, Ice Dew “Chun Yue,” or Pure Joy in China. The money collected through the sales of the product will fund projects focused around providing safe drinkable water to schoolchildren in rural regions of China. It’s the first-ever product of this kind for Coca-Cola not in China only, but also across the globe.

The Coca-Cola Company is rolling out “The World’s Cup”, the largest marketing campaign in its 128-year history, ahead of the upcoming FIFA World Cup. The marketing platform will include a range of elements such as “Where Will Happiness Strike Next” documentary-style short videos, The Happiness Flag photomosaic that will highlight fan faces and messages, FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, and many more. 

Building on the success of 2013’s “Ahh Effect” campaign, Coca-Cola is launching a new spin of the effort that employs the same idea of ultimate joy delivered by every single sip of Coke. The new promotion uses the elements from the content of the 61 websites (each site having different numbers of “h” in the URL) that highlighted a variety of ahh moments, and asks younger audience to contribute their own exclamations inspired by Coke.