Coca-Cola and WWF educate people online about sustainable water usage

The Coca-Cola Company has teamed up with WWF and Global Water Challenge to roll out a charitable initiative revolving around water. The #ToastToWater media effort has been launched ahead of March 22, World Water Day, to encourage people to demonstrate their commitment to water conservation by raising a glass of clean drinkable water.

Users from all around the globe are encouraged to post themed selfies via Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Instagram using the #ToastToWater tag. The most encouraging, impressive end creative pictures will be featured on the dedicated website of the platform. The site doesn’t ask participants to contribute to the cause with their donations, but it invites them to explore how to return the favor to water by changing their daily routines.

The site also features detailed explanation of why people should value water so much, what it gives us every day and also discover what exactly can be done to reduce water waste. Basic insights like “take shorter showers” or “fix leaky faucets” are delivered via bright cards, and for more recommendations visitors can download a list of water-saving tips.

The insights into the global role of water are also shared in a short animated video, which uses simple graphics to explain how water powers all spheres of life and business in this world.