Coca-Cola spreads the happiness movements to laborers in the Singapore and UAE

Coca-Cola is continuing to bring happiness across the world with smaller branded efforts that spread joy and positivism in the distant parts of the globe. Recently, the soft drinks giant has launched the “Happiness from the Skies” project that celebrated migrant workers of Singapore and realized the “Hello Happiness” effort to emotionally support labourers in the UAE.

Ogilvy & Mather Singapore and Coca-Cola launched an emotional project to deliver some happiness to unsung heroes, migrant workers who are building the country’s infrastructure. The brand sent flying drones to deliver cans of Coke to migrants at distant locations. Along with the cans, “parcels” included photos featuring common Singaporeans holding up messages of support.

In another project, Happiness Phone Booth, Coca-Cola gave laborers in the UAE an opportunity to make a warm call home. The special Hello booths featured automates that accepted Coca-Cola bottle caps instead of coins. Each bottle of Coca-Cola could be “turned into” a 3-minute free international phone call.

Earlier this spring, Coca-Cola installed arcade game machines in Bangladesh that allowed to buy game sessions—used plastics bottles were the currency.