Nivea is offering its fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share their personal style and creativity on a cap of a lipstick. The cosmetics brand has launched a competition dubbed ‘Kiss of a Style’ on its Facebook fan page and is calling its US consumers to join in to develop a design for the Nivea Care Lip packaging for truly memorable kisses. The winning limited-edition design will go live and be featured on caps which will be sold in stores across the USA in early 2013.

The Avon Products company has teamed up with a legendary rock artist, Jon Bon Jovi, to launch ‘Unplugged’ fragrances, new scents for him and her, which are set to arrive in October and November 2012. The sex symbol of the past three decades is the face of the new floral fragrances, which embody the passion, soulfulness and intensity of the two sexes by highlighting the most sensitive sides of these two universes.

Lady Gaga, a person who has become a real brand over the past years, never misses an opportunity to team up with companies (her creative partnerships include collaborations with Polaroid, Barney’s and more) to create visually stunning designs. But the pop diva is creative enough to craft her own breakthrough products—the mother of all monsters is launching her first-ever fragrance LADY GAGA FAME for women in September 2012.

Choosing the right hair colour shade may be a complicated task, and usually you need to ask a professional to make the right decision. L’Oréal Paris USA is helping ladies to choose the care product that fit them best in a new digital integration 2012 Hair Color Census campaign launched on Facebook and Pinterest. The cosmetics giant is encouraging brunettes, blondes and redheads to get engaged in the promotion by joining one of the ‘hair tribes’ to celebrate their haircolour.