Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, who have been collaborating for already ten years, are inviting consumers to discover the new collection Y-3 S/S 2013 in an engaging, interactive way. The two design legends, from the sports and fashion world, let the global audience create a unique shareable film online by tapping letters and figures on their keyboards.

Kraft discovers the sexy side of cooking in the new “Let’s Get Zesty” campaign launched for the Kraft Italian Dressings range in the U.S. The promotion by BEING Los Angeles is fronted by a hot guy, the Zesty Guy (apparently, a cousin of Old Spice Guy), who unleashes his macho charisma while cooking simple dishes like salad or pizza. The product itself seems to play a supporting role in the humorous promotion, serving as a tool to help the hot cooking guy show more of his prefect body.

Google continues to share its in-depth research findings with marketeers across global markets. The internet and tech giant launches Think Insights, a new online destination created as a hub with marketing insights and inspirations for advertisers and agencies. Now, Google both advocates for intense digital integration and covers it in «real time» to strengthen the marriage of advertising and web.

Old Spice is pushing a wolf theme further with the introduction of a new spokescharacter, Mr. Wolfdog. The new ambassador of the brand is promoting the Wild Collection, which was introduced by two ‘wild’ commercials in the USA earlier this year. To reveal the best of the beast in each male consumer and advertise the wild scents line, P&G’s brand has tapped the animal with human features.

Skittles uses an old game for its new online project. The brand, known for its unconventional “rainbow” activations, has launched a new U.S. online promotion “Rock, Paper, Skittles”, developed by Catapult RPM, that is based on the scissors-paper-stone game play. The initiative supports the launch of “Originals” variety, which now includes a Green Apple flavor.