Knowledge Bank for the Digital Industry: Google Introduces Think Insight to Collect Their Research Findings Online

Google continues to share its in-depth research findings with marketeers across global markets. The internet and tech giant launches Think Insights, a new online destination created as a hub with marketing insights and inspirations for advertisers and agencies. Now, Google both advocates for intense digital integration and covers it in «real time» to strengthen the marriage of advertising and web.

Pic.: A snapshot from the website

The new platform provides market industry insiders with timely updates on what’s going on in the industry, invites them to read interviews with experts and latest researches in digital marketing, view infographics and case studies, and more. The new platform features six sections—Industries, Marketing Objectives, Ad Types, Perspectives, Creative Sandbox, Products&Tools,—that provide the audience with the most comprehensive insight into the industry’s life. Currently, Think Insiders is a small online magazine for marketers and advertisers, but it can potentially grow and become an important source of inspiration and information for marketers.

The Perspectives section features content pieces from the leading forward thinkers and visionaries in the industry. The articles and analyses are created to help marketers fuel their businesses using the latest insights into today’s marketing. In Product & Tools, one may find a range of instruments which will help a business leverage Google’s range of digital products, including planning tools, to help a business get to the next level. Creative Sandbox, another key section on the new platform, includes content from the online site under the same name, launched by Google six months ago as a showcase of the best digital efforts.

The online destination also shows key statistics in the left column of its main page, as well as a link to Learn Webinars. On a weekly basis, Google will be posting new features that cover the most important topics for marketing professionals. Those, who don’t want to spend their time going through the online hub (though it is really worth it), can subscribe to Think Letter, a monthly round-up of Google’s Think Insights most popular content.