Y-3 by adidas and Yohji Yamamoto Empower the Audience to Create Customized Ad Films Using Their Keyboard

Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, who have been collaborating for already ten years, are inviting consumers to discover the new collection Y-3 S/S 2013 in an engaging, interactive way. The two design legends, from the sports and fashion world, let the global audience create a unique shareable film online by tapping letters and figures on their keyboards.

Photographed and directed by Pierre Debusschere, the project celebrates the vivid merge of two creative ethos of the Japanese and German brands. The art initiative lives on the micro site Y-3, inviting to use the pieces from the footage to create customized clips. These “building blocks” feature men and women modeling apparel from the new collection.

To compose the audio and visual piece, one is invited to hit letters and numbers on their keyboards—the first allow to select videos, and the second help create audio/visual effects. The ambient sounds have been composed by celebrated electronic musician Tim Hecker exclusively for the project. Since the film’s «plot»‘ depends on the sequence of letters, which can be different with any user, the result is always unexpected. The maximum length of the user-edited film is 30 seconds.

Recently, PUMA has encouraged the global audience to use the language of dance moves to communicate with their friends, and last year Old Spice invited its fans to play musical instruments using Terry Crews’s muscles—to activate them, users were just to press keys on a keyboard.