“Rock, Paper, Skittles” Uses Webcam in the Battle of Colors

Skittles uses an old game for its new online project. The brand, known for its unconventional “rainbow” activations, has launched a new U.S. online promotion “Rock, Paper, Skittles”, developed by Catapult RPM, that is based on the scissors-paper-stone game play. The initiative supports the launch of “Originals” variety, which now includes a Green Apple flavor.

Pic.: A snapshot from the www.rockpaperskittles.skittles.com website, clickable

To play the game, users are asked take out a glazed dragee of any flavor a from a pack of Skittles Originals and put it in front of the webcam. The technology recognizes the color of the sweets and lets one color ‘beat’ another (for instance, orange (Orange) beats green (Apple/Lime) and yellow (Lemon); green defeats purple (Grape) and red (Strawberry), please check the table on colors. For those who don’t have a webcam, there is a digital selection of colorful candies that users can click on with a mouse to select the color and start the battle.

To encourage Skittles fans to participate in the promotion, Wrigley US is giving out valuable prizes to the game’s participants who are the U.S. residents of at least 13 years old. The prizes range from a $50,000 check and a championship belt to tournament kits and coupons for Skittles. The promotion is running from March 1 through May 31.