Marketing on social platforms has one big disadvantage that we call ‘Like-pressure’: ‘likes’ are an unclear indicator: some users press it mechanically, many smart people don’t see the point to do it. People become numbers – this is the main digital marketing tragedy for both sides.

We always wonder is there a smarter and more realistic way to communicate with a mass audience (not an intellectual minority) on social media or in frames of global marketing it inevitably contracts to a word-free system?

Today Popsop Research is about Tumblr in terms of global branding. Let’s see.

AEG, the biggest international manufacturer of products and appliances for home and business, has released a documentary, titled “The Next Black,” that focuses on the revolution in the apparel domain, new technology and innovative fabrics. The film covers new trends and the sustainable design solutions adopted by bigger garments brands.

Electrolux is launching the 2014 installment of its international design competition, Electrolux Design Lab, aimed to find cutting-edge concepts for improving our homes. Tapping into the fast growing trend of making our living spaces greener and benefitting to our body and mind, Electrolux has announced that the theme of the next year’s contest is “Creating Healthy Homes.”

Electrolux is unlocking design talents in children, from toddlers to tweens, with the new competition that rolls out on the brand’s Facebook page. The Design Playground contest invites parents from all countries excluding the USA, Italy and Russia to share their kids’ kitchenware concepts. The project doesn’t include cash prizes, still it helps bring the ideas of emerging talents to a professional level—the most impressive ideas will be turned into 3D sketches.

Electrolux is announcing a new theme for its annual design competition. In 2013, creative minds in design will be developing their futuristic and ground-breaking solutions under the theme of Inspired Urban Living, which has inspired many projects by other brands including BMW and Audi to name but a few. The winner of the competition, which is now in its 11th year, will walk away with 5,000 euros and a six-month paid internship.