Björk, one of the most original musicians of nowadays, has released a new album—this time an interactive one. The album called ‘Biophilia’ and the ambitious project deals with themes of nature, science and humanity’s relationships encouraging listeners to explore it via iPhone and iPad apps. This is the first-ever musical album with such apps.

Today, iPhone applications provide us with tips in a variety of areas, starting from recycling to clothing. To receive information, users usually scan QR-codes or barcodes or snap a photo, which are then processed by the app—adidas Originals came up with a revolutionary solution in this area, launching an app with a 3D touch. The brand has released an app with special 3D image recognition software for real-life objects/products, which is the first time the three-dimension technology got into the application development industry.

Enhancing reality using new technology is always fun (numerous campaigns with QR-codes, which have been gaining momentum over the last months prove this). But this ‘code’ way of adding new features to the surrounding world is not the only way to make it look different: recently, Grand Marnier launched a new integrated campaign ‘Welcome To The Sunset Hour,’ which includes an innovative new app, enabling users to turn any picture on their phone into a sunset photo.