Miracle Whip, which has launched a bunch of promotions revolving around love and hate to the product (as it turns out, the salad dressing spread can even ruin families or, on the contrary, make them stronger), continues to explore people’s attitudes to the edgy and controversial product. For the new storytelling campaign, developed by mcgarrybowen (the advertising agency behind the previous push), Miracle Whip is traveling in time, to the 17th century, and asking the key question, ‘You hate Miracle Whip, but have you tried it yet?’—the idea is that some people believe the product is disgusting, but it’s just because they’ve never tasted it.

In February, as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, love is the major theme of promotions and advertising efforts. Brands offer their own unique or predictable ways to share love with their special ones and with the world as well by purchasing the new themed merchandise or writing messages of love. Recently, Heineken and Starbucks to name but a few offered their hilarious solutions for spreading the romantic spirit with people they love and know, but KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese is taking love sharing to the next level by offering to send positive emotion to those, whom they probably haven’t met in their life, as part of the charitable ‘Golden Voice of Love’ effort.