Cadbury Australia has teamed up with Red Agency to introduce a new take on how to harness social media data. On June 19-24, the chocolate company installed the special kiosk, Joy Generator, at different venues across Sydney that encouraged passers-by to log in their Facebook profiles and get a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate product that perfectly matched with their personality.

Oreo is rolling out the next phase of its “Wonderfilled” campaign with two adorable spots, all in kids’ books storytelling style it has successfully adopted. The brand has launched two videos with two different voices of narration—the first sounds like a Dr. Seuss poetry, and the second one has a disco twist. Both of them are dedicated to the mini versions of the legendary cookie.

The Philadelphia cheese brand is rolling a new campaign in Australia, leveraging the nation’s love to selfies and adding cooking twist to it. The new effort, called #FridgeShelfies, comes as part of a broader Philly’s Do Your Thing campaign that inspires people to create versatile, off-beat meals from ingredients found in their kitchens. The new initiative gets people posting the ingredients in the fridge to instantly get original recipes based on them.

KRAFT Mac & Cheese is promoting its four new flavours with the fictitiously nostalgic campaign that makes the audience believe that the new products have been around in the USA for decades. The agency  Crispin Porter & Bogusky has developed fake online documentaries to “prove” that Cheese Jalapeno, Three Cheese Jalapeno, Garlic & Herb Alfredo, Buffalo Cheddar and Cheesy Southwest Chipotle played their role in the country’s history and became true cultural icons.

Kraft discovers the sexy side of cooking in the new “Let’s Get Zesty” campaign launched for the Kraft Italian Dressings range in the U.S. The promotion by BEING Los Angeles is fronted by a hot guy, the Zesty Guy (apparently, a cousin of Old Spice Guy), who unleashes his macho charisma while cooking simple dishes like salad or pizza. The product itself seems to play a supporting role in the humorous promotion, serving as a tool to help the hot cooking guy show more of his prefect body.