The global IT corporation Microsoft has conducted a new survey of 13,200 users aged 16-64 years old from 13 countries —Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the UAE, the UK and the US—to find out to what extent digital technology changes their life. The findings from the study «Digital Trends 2015» has been grouped into three categories, as follows:  trends, the «Performers,» and the «Explorers.»

To celebrate one of the biggest milestones in the history of Nokia and Microsoft, the acquisition of the first by the second, The Church of London has created a strikingly nice brand book for the companies’ employees. The edition includes a selection of archive photography that illustrates the companies’ past, outlines their values, ethos, vision of the future development and more.

Nokia is rolling out a color-centric campaign that is dedicated to a new milestone in the company’s history. On April 25, Microsoft has finally completed the acquisition of almost all Nokia Devices and Services business. To celebrate this, Nokia decided to pay tribute to part of its DNA—color—in a new communication effort, Not Like Everybody Else, which comes to be the first campaign after the Nokia business gets under the banner of Microsoft.

Skype has set up partnership with Victoria Beckham as its new brand ambassador, tapped to “inspire and empower” users in exploring the service’s broad possibilities. The campaign taglined Skype Collaboration Project is targeting younger generation of digital consumers, aged 18–34 through a series of fashion-related episodes that provide an insight into top fashion designers’ lives.

Interbrand’s “2013 Best Global Brands” top 100 list has revealed that Coca-Cola, which used to lead the chart for the previous 13 years, has lost its dominance as the most valuable global brand, yielding precedency to the technology giant Apple estimated at $98.3 billion. The total value of all 100 best global brands is $1.5 trillion, which is 8.4% record increase over 2012, Interbrand reports.

Brands deliver tons of products and services across the globe, but do they really contribute to making people’s lives brighter? In June, Havas Media released its annual Meaningful Brands index (MBi) outlining a positive impact of brands on people’s lives. The study comes as a unique framework to “analyze and track the connections brands have with our quality of life and well-being,” as the global media expert explains it.