adidas inspires people to take active actions in each of its campaigns, and the new promotion, which launched in the UK on April 7, keeps to this theme as well. The sport apparel giant, which is one of the sponsors of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, kicked off a new Olympic-themed campaign entitled ‘Take The Stage’ to encourage all Brits to believe in themselves and be not afraid of sharing their talents with the rest of the world.

Procter&Gamble, which is the global Olympics sponsor, is launching a new digital campaign dubbed 1 Thank You = 1 Chance to Win as extension on its ‘Thank You Mum’ activity dedicated to support Olympic athletes (the ‘P&G Thanks, Mom’ was launched back in 2010). The effort was kicked off yesterday, March 5, in the UK ahead of Mothers’ Day celebrated on March 18—it is expected to roll across other markets on respective national days.