Pantene has announced a new advertising campaign, featuring two of the most well-known women in Hollywood, actresses Eva Mendes and Naomi Watts have been named new celebrity ambassadors for Pantene. Beginning in July 2011, both women will appear in all elements of the brand’s holistic marketing campaign, including TV and print advertising, in-store displays, iMedia and public relations campaigns. Mendes will be supporting the Breakage to Strength collection and Watts will be supporting the Flat to Volume collection.

P & G-owned brand Pantene has announced April 26 that the first shipment of its products in plastic bottles produced out of plant-based ingredients will hit the stores. Pantene offers to use sugar cane as a key ingredient in its new eco-friendly package solution that will be initially used for Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion line-up bottles, while the product formula is said to remain unchanged.

This package will be launched in Western Europe in summer and autumn; the manufacturer plans to establish worldwide supply of the shampoo in eco-bottles over the next 2 years.

Now, with AR being probably the most powerful advertising tool in the set of ‘reality’ features used for promotion, let’s look back at another, traditional ‘reality’ promotional approach, which still works perfectly. TV commercials with their made-up plots, characters and dialogues can appeal for sure, but genuine emotions of real people are much more convincing. Building on the success of extremely popular reality programs, brands launch their own initiatives of this kind to entertain and educate audience while spreading the word about the goods—some of these projects are grandiose, the others are small-scale, but this format never leaves consumers untouched.