Johnson & Johnson is launching a new brand equity campaign “For All You Love,” aimed to tug at the heartstrings and highlight its focus on family values. The effort, developed by TBWAChiatDay, plays around the strong connections between mothers and fathers with their children and children-to-be, as well as with spouses and grandparents, throughout the life.

The epic smartphone war, started by Samsung against Apple, is escalating as a new member, Nokia Windows Phone, enters it with a new commercial created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky. In this new Microsoft’s campaign a smartphone from Nokia comes as a nice solution to those who are tired of figuring out which phone is better, iPhone or Galaxy. Positioning Windows Phone as a smart “peacemaking” option, the commercial invites the audience to consider other choices rather than iOS and Androis-based devices.

Mazda refers to the greatest scientific and sporting achievements in its new marketing campaign, the first one over past 13 years. The “Game Changers” effort, which will be launched in May, draws parallels between the innovations in the car industry pioneered by Mazda and the remarkable achievements of American scientists and athletes who revolutionized their disciplines.

The Philips Norelco electric razor brand is stepping into the AXE zone with the new provocative campaign entitled “I’d FAQ me.” Focusing on men’s shaving, grooming and styling, the promotion euphemistically uses the FAQ abbreviation in a sense of the curse verb that sounds the same way. The idea behind the push is that Philips Norelco helps guys become extremely attractive (as well as a bit narcissistic) and build their manly confidence.

The whisky label Jack Daniel’s is rolling out the first-ever campaign for the super premium brand Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey. The multiple-channel U.S. promotion dubbed “The Order of Gentlemen” is triumphing the core values of a true gentleman, which are character, purpose, integrity, generosity and restraint. All these qualities that make up the only proper code of an authentic manly behavior are integrated into the campaign.

IKEA UK is unveiling a new phase of the last year’s campaign focused on outdoor living solutions. The new chapter of the promotion, “Make more of your garden,” is inspiring consumers to treat and furnish their garden spaces just like any room inside the house. The major element of the latest installment is a surrealistic “thriller” music film that narrates a story of a battle between a typical English family and mischievous garden gnomes.