Just a week before the recent Grammy Awards, the global market research company Nielsen conducted a study on how highly acclaimed music impacts the effectiveness of the brand advertising, and also compiled two lists of top 10 ads featuring well-known songs—popular among the U.S. general public (age 18-49) and Millenials (18-34).

Tomorrow, August 30, McDonald’s is rolling out six nostalgic TV commercials to celebrate its 40th anniversary in the U.K. market. The company’s long-standing advertising partner Leo Burnett has once again set a course for «things that matter»—capturing either happy or sad moments of our life, with McDonald’s on the background.

Heineken USA is rolling out the “Best Tasting Light” campaign for its light beer starring American actor, three-time Emmy award winner Neil Patrick Harris. The concept of the effort derives from the high recognition of Heineken Light as the “Best Low Calorie Lager” at the 2013 World Beer Championships, promoting the fuller taste of reformulated, but still low calorie beer.