Oreo is rolling out the next phase of its “Wonderfilled” campaign with two adorable spots, all in kids’ books storytelling style it has successfully adopted. The brand has launched two videos with two different voices of narration—the first sounds like a Dr. Seuss poetry, and the second one has a disco twist. Both of them are dedicated to the mini versions of the legendary cookie.

Heineken is enticing its consumers into an adventurous project of city exploration. The beer brand wants to turn sofa-sitters into globe-trotters as part of its latest effort, “Cities of the World,” encouraging its fans to start discovering the beauty of the world and unlocking the secrets of their own cities. The new effort that rolls out in 100+ countries syncs with the ongoing “Man of the World” campaign, which is all about celebrating offbeat energy in exploring the would around.

Controversial ad doesn’t live up to its predecessors

In the past, Coca Cola found success tapping into the zeitgeist of  American Culture and then offering itself as a solution to the fundamental issues of the day. When done successfully,  Coca Cola has managed to transcend the fizzy drinks category and become a real cultural icon—a rallying point around which all Americans could gather.

The Schwartz brand of condiments has released an awesome surreal ad that sees exotically-coloured herbs and spices bursting out of their bags to the piano score. The ad by Grey London titled “The Sound of Taste” documents an experiment that can be described as “sonic flavourscape.” Inspired by the notion that taste has its own intrinsic melody, Schwartz has demonstrated how this music can be visualized.

To promote the “Dare To Be Tender” message in France, Milka and the Paris-based ad agency Buzzman are rolling out a new ad campaign for which the brand had to change the entire manufacturing process to create 13 million chocolate bars that were all missing the last square. Consumers who buy an unusual bar in a promotional packaging can decide whether they want to claim this morsel back or give it to their dear ones.

Coca-Cola UK has released an emotional spot, “Grandpa,” as part of its long-term commitment to promote healthier lifestyle. The 1-minute TV ad by Argentine-based David The Agency compares daily routines of a young man in his early 30s with those of his grandfather when he was the same age back in 1950-s. The video implicates that six decades ago life was much healthier due to more physical activities and better food choices.