Sky Rainforest Rescue has teamed up with Lily Cole, an actress and model and now a designer, and the SapientNitro agency to create a new distinct promotion for saving tropical forests. The new effort is revealed on the Instagram platform—the team behind the promotion, #TapForTrainers, hacked the social media channel’s potential in a totally new and powerful way.

WWF and Oniria\TBWA have teamed up to raise awareness of the global warming using a simple, yet powerful language of on-spot demonstration. The “Global Warming Menu” event was organized in Asunción, capital city of Paraguay, the hottest city in the world—they hosted a cooking session that used the asphalt as a cooker.

WWF has gone cinematic to raise concerns of non-sustainable palm oil production that is destructive to tropical rainforests and wild animals. The new campaign, Unseen the Movie, calls people to see the real damage caused by unethical palm oil sourcing and do something to stop being part of the consumption system that stays blind to this issue. The centerpiece of the effort is a 2:40 film disguised as a thriller movie trailer, narrating a story of Jack Crawford who one day realizes the danger.

WWF has teamed up with the Do The Green Thing online platform of creative “green” ideas to get UK artists celebrating Earth Hour 2014 with their artworks. The environmental organization is inviting UK young creatives to contribute to the global movement and get their work featured among the 29 pieces by professional poster artists. The national competition in support of the WWF’s Earth Hour, marked on March 29 next year, will be held in cooperation with Pentagram Design.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary in France, WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) has launched an imaginative project revolving around the use of fur. Marcel and Publicis Argentina developed a campaign, World Wonder Fur, featuring three “certified 100% imaginary” animals that give away their fur in a totally non-violent way. The initiative includes a scroll-down website, prints, two faux nature documentary spots directed by Brent Harris, and a collection of real clothing and accessories «made of» the fur of the imaginative «world’s new species.»