Two packaging advancements for Coca-Cola: new PlantBottle and the Trussardi limited edition 

While Coca-Cola GB is unifying four varieties under one brand, the Italian division of the company has unveiled a new collaboration with the fashion house Trussardi. Together with another novelty, a 100% recyclable PlantBottle, the limited edition Coca-Cola cans and bottles debuted at the Expo Milano 2015 last week.

There are two 330-ml cans of Coca-Cola Light: one in green-red-and-cherry featuring an iconic greyhound motif, as well as a shiny gold variant with a lizard print. There will be two special limited-edition package designs for the regular Coke bottles also featuring the dog silhouette.

Photo: Coca-Cola Light by Trussardi limited edition packaging, 2015
Photo: Coca-Cola Light by Trussardi limited edition packaging, 2015. Credit:

As well as the previous collections by Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Moschino and Salvatore Ferragamo, Coke Trussardi will be available at select locations across Sicily for a limited time only, until the exhibition ends in October.

The second new item at the show, the PlantBottle that was first introduced in 2009 with 30% recycled plastic content, now boasts its fully plant-based origin and environmentally friendly cues explained in the video below.

Now the PlantBottle accounts for about 30% of all company’s packaging in North America, and about 7% — in the world. The Coca-Cola’s patented technology of plastic production from sugar cane is also being licensed by Heinz, Nike, P&G, Ford, and SeaWorld to make their plastic-containing products more sustainable.

The company does not specify when the fully recyclable bottle will go into mass production, however, notes that it will substitute regular PET bottles by 2020.