$5 million in 1 minute

Today we are analyzing advertising cases from Tik-Tok – a new social network that captures more and more audience every day, eclipsing other online platforms with audio-visual content. How does Tik-Tok affect the target audience? And how do you monetize your brand? Let’s have a look at the examples of the highest paid bloggers.

A dancer influencer Addison Rae has the highest earnings. She made $5 million in a year by making one-minute videos advertising her Item Beauty cosmetics brand and American Eagle and Nike clothing. Her income depended entirely on her Tik-Tok subscribers, and there are currently 66 million of them. She found her niche — dancing.

The other no less famous female tik-toker is the singer Lauren Gray . At 18, she blew up the web with her singles and covers, and thanks to her musical talent, Lauren has signed contracts with market monsters such as Skechers, Burger King и Revlon. She also started working with Virgin Records and wrote 8 songs in 2018. She currently has 48.5 million followers.

Josh Richards has the same approach to monetizing his personal brand. He signed contracts with a cosmetic brand E.L.F  and Adidas, but his target audience is girls attracted by the beautiful and fit body of the young guy. 22 million viewers get inspired looking at Richards’ tik-toks. Or just admire them.

Black Pink – 19.2 million subscribers. The most popular female pop group in the world. South Korean girls are #1 on the charts and on Netflix. BP recorded duets with Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez. They advertise Samsung  by launching a dance challenge on Tik Tok,. Their limited collection of phones was sold out a month before the actual start of sales.

Well, all records for commercial integrations are beaten by the Russian Tik-Tok. While the American and Asian markets are aimed at promoting personal brands and creating Tik-Tokers companies, it is different in Russia. A large number of bloggers are releasing video ads. Almost every third video promotes a product.

Dina Saeva, with 16,7 million followers, is the most popular blogger in Russia and CIS countries. She collaborates with Nutella, GAP, and Kinder.

So how do you integrate your brand effectively? How do you choose a Tik-Toker? We are going to answer by giving specific examples.

Cosmetics and everything related to beauty are tutorials or product testing from a specific blogger. For example, Ruthie that demonstrates different kinds of make-up in her  Tick-Toks,, has reached 6 million views. Her latest integration was with a famous brand Benefit.

The sports segment is best perceived by the target audience through hashtag challenges or sports Tik-Tokers. For example, it is very common to see bloggers open a Nike box to the recorded phrase: «Please, don’t be ugly».

The food brands are most often seen in the hands of restaurateur bloggers who love cooking  on camera. But, if a company comes up with a challenge, then the hashtag with the name of the product soars to the top views. For example, Pringles invites Tik-Tokers tomake a ring of potato chips.

A new look at a product requires a new advertising strategy. With the debut of “My Swag” limited edition cleanser in India, and Clean & Clear wanted to increase brand and product awareness among teenage girls across the country.

Clean & Clear launched a challenge (#UnbottleApnaSwag) with 5 bottle packaging options to match 5 personality types: Fun, Carefree (Bindaas), Studious (Padhaku), Talkative (Bakbak) and Foodie. Girls were asked to identify their personality type and showcase unique content on Tik-Tok.

To differentiate all 5 personalities on the «My Swag» Bottles, Clean & Clear released 5 rap songs and recruited 5 influential bloggers (each with over 1 million subscribers) to launch a challenge that consumers will tap into.

Vessi  is a cool Canadian shoe brand. They’ve just started their Tik-Tok account and are rapidly approaching 100,000 subscribers. How did they grow so fast? They do giveaways. They use a unique product distribution strategy to generate user generated content, subscribers, and income.

Having analyzed different segments and categories of the market, as well as the interests of the target audience around the world, we can distinguish the following schemes for promoting a personal brand in Tik-Tok:

  1. Creating a Tik-Tok account
  2. Finding a suitable blogger and signing a contract for advertising
  3. Creating a hashtag with the name of the brand
  4. Coming up with a challenge
  5. Integrating a celebrity into a video
  6. Live broadcasts on the blogger’s page
  7. Running giveways

It is worth considering the fact that children and adolescents of 8-25 years old watch Tik-Tok. The brighter, more attractive and energetic your video is, the faster your reach will increase, and thus your sales.

TikTok’s North America and Australia CEO Vanessa Pappas said the company plans to tackle the monetization. They plan to create thematic feeds on social networks so that brand ads do not appear next to inappropriate content. This will allow attracting new advertisers and earning more from sponsored posts. Special curators will moderate thematic feeds. Therefore, Tik-Tok is considered the fastest modernizing platform. The faster you rebuild your brand promotion tactics, the faster you will overtake your competitors.