58% of “Gen M” suffer from mobile guilt, recent MobileIron study finds

The ‘mobile-first’ U.S. research agency MobileIron has surveyed 3,500 full- and part-time professionals to reveal a new hyper-connected demographic group: the so-called Generation Mobile or simply Gen M. These are either male office workers of 18-34 or older people with children under 18 year old at home, who constantly mix their work and personal communications on smartphone or tablet devices.

Interestingly, the research conducted online by Harris Poll for MobleIron among respondents from six countries—France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the UK, and the US—has found a common tendency: 58% of them feel guilty about mixing work and personal lives, specifically, when receiving personal communication during the working hours. Even more, 61% of them, suffer from doing work tasks during personal off-work time.

Other noteworthy findings from the study on Gen M are, as follows:

  • 26% of work they do on mobile devices (compared to non-Gen M who do 17%);
  • 64% of Gen M do at least one business activity outside of work on their mobile devices; while 82% of them do at least one personal activity at work;
  • 60% would quit their job if the employer did not allow remote work or restricted their personal tasks at work;
  • 29% would quit their job if the employer could access their personal files on their mobile devices;
  • 42% of them either already own or plan to buy a wearable device such as Apple Watch, while 95% of them plan to use them for work tasks such as taking phone calls (58%), reading emails (56%), writing emails (45%) and other activities.

The full study with more insight, figures and recommendations can be downloaded here.