Acquity Group, a brand e-commerce and digital marketing company, part of Accenture Interactive, has surveyed 2,035 Americans of 18 y.o.+ to research their shopping decisions made as a result of digital engagement with the brand. Particularly, the study answers the question whether branded content «sells», and if so—which channels are the most trustworthy.

The latest research by the loyalty management firm Aimia Institute finds that Millenials are the most sensitive to digital overload. 44% of Millenials are likely to unfollow a brand on social media or unsubscribe from newsletters if they feel overwhelmed with digital communications. For comparison, just 13% of Gen X feel the same way. 

Cone Communications, a U.S.-based PR and communications firm, together with Ebiquity, a global marketing analytics specialist, have recently conducted a survey among 9,709 consumers from nine biggest world’s countries by GDP on how they perceive sustainability, learn information about companies’ CSR activities, and make respective purchasing and other important decisions.

The global research and analytics firm Gallup has polled nearly 18 million customers around the world to learn whether they feel that brands they use deliver on their promises. By the «promise of the brand» the research team means a unique statement that a company offers, and it depends on the employees’ ability to act on these offers.

The ‘mobile-first’ U.S. research agency MobileIron has surveyed 3,500 full- and part-time professionals to reveal a new hyper-connected demographic group: the so-called Generation Mobile or simply Gen M. These are either male office workers of 18-34 or older people with children under 18 year old at home, who constantly mix their work and personal communications on smartphone or tablet devices.

Ubiquitous connectivity has become the new norm of life—at least in the developed countries where the average level of Internet penetration is over 80%. In a new annual Global Digital Landscape study aimed to explore new digital habits and behaviours, the Nielsen team has surveyed 30,000 adults from 60 countries throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.