Audi Developing E-sound for Its Future Noiseless Cars

Audi has announced it is developing new sound signatures for its future e-tron models that will feature practically silent electric motors.  The vehicles will be able to cover long distances and to make it safe for pedestrians, Audi works on creating the solution called Audi e-sound.

Photo: Audi e-sound test room, from

The e-sound is being developed by Rudolf Halbmeir,  Audi engineer who has a digital piano, two studio-quality loudspeakers, and a pile of music magazines on his desk, says European Motor News. Audi’s future e-tron models will feature a synthetic sound signature.

“Good sound design is a complex endeavor,” said Dr. Ralf Kunkel, Head of Acoustics at Audi. “We have gathered a lot of expertise over the years. We have also learned how to amplify pleasant frequencies and to suppress unpleasant noises.”

The e-sound is played via a loudspeaker attached to the car’s undercarriage. According to Axel Brombach, the Audi’s specialist in this field, the e-sound was “designed it to handle as much as 40 watts, but during normal operation it ranges between five and eight watts. That’s loud enough for nearby pedestrians and cyclists to hear the e-tron.”

The e-sound has innovative notes and sounds “very futuristic”. In addition, the upcoming Audi e-tron models will each have an individual sound signature.

Last year, Audi presented a totally new concept car for urban citizens.