Coke’s visual identity by Turner Duckworth

In yearly 2006 Turner Duckworth branding consultancy started redesigning Coca-Cola’s core range.

Challenge: Make Coke feel happy, fresh and honest again
Design strategy: Create emotional resonance with the fewest possible elements
Brand idea: Coke brings joy
Dates: 2006–present

3 core points:

  1. Clarity. Distill the brand to its essence. Present it in a dramatic and unexpected way. Simplicity clarifies brand relationships. If it doesn’t add anything we take it away
  2. Wit. The brand responds to its context making it relevant every time it appears
  3. Scale. Keeps the trademark fresh


  1. Coke is starting to be known for great design again.
  2. We’ve consistently been awarded new projects including a rebrand of one of Coke’s majors.
  3. We’ve just won another Clio Award 2008, FAB Awards 2008 and Cannes Lions Advertising Awards 2008.