Fabergé and Harrods present a digital Cinescope in London ahead of Easter

Fabergé, the famous jewelry house, is launching a promotional digital-portrait installation Fabergé Cinescope at London’s Harrods ahead of Easter. From April 1 through April 21, the holiday-themed pop-up exhibition as well as the interactive lounge will be immersing visitors to the department store into the atmosphere of Victorian times.

The digital installation Fabergé Cinescope, developed in collaboration with Miroslava Duma, founder of Russian fashion web destination Büro, centers around the pre-animation game that was popular in late 19th century. The secret of these animated pictures is easily explained—the trompe-l’oeil optical effect is created by two pictures, featured each on its own side of the disk, rotated quickly—the images merge into one.

Visitors to Harrods in London will be able to create shareable animation portraits of themselves wearing Febergé jewellery, using a digital mirror, from April1-21. They will also view the jewellery pieces designed for Fabergé by jeweller Frédéric Zaavy and buy a limited-edition diamond-set egg pendant, Spiral Tassel Pendant, which will be available exclusively at Harrods starting April 1.

Photo: Fabergé’s piece from the Cinescope promo