Givenchy Reminds Londoners of Gentlemanship in a Sampling Campaign for the New Fragrance «Gentlemen Only»

In a recent sampling campaign for the new fragrance»Gentlemen Only»,  Givenchy reminds Londoners of what real gentlemanship is.  The brand’s marketing agency of choice Arc London has committed a handful of good-looking male ambassadors dressed in dapper suits to give out samples of the product to both male and female customers, while performing simple and elegant gestures such as opening doors, offering umbrellas, or helping to carry their heavy bags.

Since May 9, the activation has been running across popular shopping destinations of London, such as John Lewis in Oxford Street, to deliver the core message of Givenchy’s «Gentlemen Only»—the fragrance is pure and decent to fit a real gentleman.

According to Glynn-Jones, Client Service Director at Arc London, «Gentlemen Only» is a key launch for LVMH, the brand owner of Givenchy, this year.

Photo: Givenchy "Gentlmen Only" Sampling at Oxford Street
Photo: Givenchy «Gentlmen Only» Sampling at Oxford Street
Photo: Gevenchy's Brand Ambassadors for "Gentlemen only"
Photo: Gevenchy’s Brand Ambassadors for «Gentlemen only»

The theme of gentlemanship and chivalry was previously tapped by the whisky brand Chivas Regal back in 2008 in the»Live with Chivalry» global communication campaign. It focused on true manly values like friendship, loyalty, honour and intelligence that are prized within societies around the world. The global survey, conducted for the brand by the marketing agency Brain Juicer, found that 71% of respondents believe they would have a better quality of life if people around them lived up to these values. Moreover, 95% of all men and women surveyed said they found chivalrous qualities, especially «helping others,» attractive in the opposite sex.

Photo: Chivas Regal's campaign "Live with Chivalry", 2008
Photo: Chivas Regal’s campaign «Live with Chivalry», 2008