H∆SHTAG$ Web Series: Red Bull Explores How Web Shapes Music Globally

Red Bull examines the Internet’s influence on music in web-episodes entitled H∆SHTAG$. The series, created by Red Bull Music Academy, includes six documentaries, which will be streaming from January 30 through March 6 exclusively at www.redbullmusicacademy.com. The episodes star a bunch of experts, who explain how the deep integration of web has changed the contemporary music culture and continues to introduce new game-changing approaches, platforms, technologies, which rocket the industry to the next level.

With the introduction of YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Pandora, etc., the way we consume music has changed forever. This new era produced new generation of people, musicians, who emerged with understanding that modern music just can’t live a full life without online.

The series will focus on various music styles, from alternative R&B and to UK bass. In particular, music experts and professionals from the leading blogs and platforms are discussing what they think about hashtags (when it comes to generating buzz around the music pieces and things like that) and more. By the way, 2013 Grammy Awards has integrated hashtags into the very core of its latest campaign.

The episodes, which will be revealed gradually, star protagonists such as How To Dress Well, Flying Lotus, Mount Kimbie, Main Attrakionz, TNGHT, and Miguel to name but a few. The first episode, which is titled “Don’t Call It #AltRnB,” focuses on the current renaissance of contemporary R&B in the ‘always-on’ age.”

H∆SHTAG$ is a series of mini-documentaries that wrestles with some of these questions, going from the URL to the IRL and shedding light on some of the most fascinating music emerging from the digital ether. It takes into consideration that the Internet is no longer a ‘new’ distribution channel for “old” content, but has become a pivotal part of our everyday lives, influencing not only the way music is consumed—but also the way music is discussed, and most importantly, the way music sounds,” says Red Bull Music Academy.