Havas Media and Weve’s research shows how digital has warped social acceptability in the UK

This May, media communications agency Havas Media Labs and mobile marketing company Weve conducted a survey of more than 3,000 UK adults of 16-65 years old to learn how using mobile phones and digital technology has changed the way we behave in society and the different attitude to the new norms.

Digital disruption to both society and human psychology, caused by the use of ubiquitous smartphones, has already made us over-connected, narcissistic, spontaneous and mobile-dependent. The results of youngest social group (16-24 years old) would definitely shock ladies and gentlemen brought up in the XXth century:

  • 79% agree that it is acceptable to use their mobile phones on the toilet.
  • 81% agree it is acceptable to use their mobile in quiet zones, e.g. on a train or in a library.
  •  29% of 16-24s (38% of 25-34s) agree that is it completely or sometimes acceptable to use their mobile phone in a work meeting.
  • 77% of 16-24s think it is either completely or sometimes acceptable to use their mobile phones during a conversation with friends or family
  • 69% of 16-24s use their smartphones to take photos of themselves
  • 22% of 16-24 (25% of 25-34s) agree that they judge people by the type of mobile phone that they own.
  • 35% of 16-24s plan less 66% are more confident exploring new places knowing they can navigate using maps.

More insights are reflected in the info graphics below.