KLM Dream Catcher lets build a city map based on suggestions from Trip Advisor, Yelp, Last.fm and more

KLM is making another attempt to add maximum comfort to the traveling experience, both in air and in town. With the KLM Dream Catcher web app, the airline company now helps build the most accurate picture of what to do, where to go, what to see in the city, using references from the trusted editorial and community-powered international sources. The initiative follows the Must See Map that encouraged travelers to build a perfect tourist guide by themselves.

The tool developed by Britny, a strategic digital agency, allows to create a list of top locations building on reference data from 12 different leading sites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, Facebook, Wikipedia, Last.fm, Google and more. To start using the service, one is to enter the dream destination into the search box. The city locations fall in four categories—Entertainment, Food&Bars, Accommodation, Shopping. They are ranked by popularity and unveiled in a grid wall with a name, picture and ratings from the sources. Additionally, users can view a 7-day weather forecast for the selected city.

The suggestions, selected by the user as favorites, become part of his or her personal map. This asset can be exported to the ready-to-go-map to a user’s smartphone, printed or shared with friends via a tweet or a Facebook post. Taking actual steps should immediately follow planning—on the same page, KLM encourages users to proceed to booking a flight at the airlines website.

“What makes our social product truly unique is that, for the first time, we are able to offer our travelers a comprehensive picture of their chosen destination that is both honest and inspiring. By offering them, in real time and in an organized fashion, information that only locals would know, and places that are the most popular at this destination and moment in time, we are taking the integration of social media into our core business a step further,” commented Lionel Lassalle, Social Media & Co-Branding AIR FRANCE KLM North Europe.