Must-attend professional events for marketers in 2014

Professional skills need constant perfection, especially when it comes to the ever-evolving fields like marketing or design, strongly influenced by technology. Let’s take a look at a hand-picked selection of the most important upcoming events in these areas, from today through December.

In spring

Ad Age Digital Conference: Apr. 1-2, New York, USA


The conference is set to gather leading CMOs and brand marketing experts, who will share insights into their digital advertising strategies. The topics discussed at the conference will range from making content for the mobile mind, bringing the digital-physical experience in retail, new shopping behavios, and more. There will be 34 speakers, including seniors from General Mills, American Express, Hulu, AKQA, Nestle, Instagram, and more.

Event Marketing Summit: 7-9 May, Salt Lake City


The event is to connect 1,000 marketers from around the world. The summit, now in its 12th year, focuses on executive training conference on experiential marketing and brings representatives of 50+ brands, design experts, strategy chiefs and bestselling authors face to face with attendants, inspiring fruitful interaction. The pool of instructors includes seniors of such companies as Mercedes-Benz, HP, Anheuser Bush, and more. The event session will come in a selection of formats like miscrosessions, breakouts, workshops, master classes, and more.

Adobe Summit: May 14-15, London, UK


The event gathers marketing professionals in marketing to provide them with insights into “how to thrive as a marketer in a world where everything is digital.” Almost 30 Keynote and Luminary speakers in London will include top managers from Interbrand, Buzzfeed and Danone, as well as 100+ feature speakers. This conference is rolling out these days (March 24-28) in Salt Lake City, USA, giving stage to experts from Sephora, Kickstarter, Audi of America, and more as well as almost 100 featured speakers including experts from Foursquare, Razorfish, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, and Twitter to name just a few.

Social Media Forum: March 31–April 1, London / May 28-29, New York


The conference focused on the social & digital marketing achievements will deliver top-level strategic advice and insight to heads of social media & digital marketing, CMOs, VPs of marketing, brand managers, SME marketers and social media strategists to name a few. The event will roll out in two parts, European and American, and give a stage to different seniors in each of the parts. In London, 30+ experts from Arla, Vodafone, KLM, SKY and more will be sharing their expertise, while in New York there will be 26 speakers from such companies as GM, Diesel, Spotify, Mastercard, and more.

In summer

Sustainable Brands: June 2-5, San Diego, USA

SB_san diego

The brand leaders of the future will be sustainable brands that successfully deliver net positive value to society. Doing less bad is not enough in tomorrow’s economy. It’s time to re-imagine and redesign our brands, business and society for a healthy, regenerative future. Participate in active discussion alongside Unilever, Disney, Coca-Cola, Target, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, HP, Sprint, and hundreds of others and actively reimagine what’s possible. Look for opportunities to redesign every aspect of your brand and business and move models further away from ‘Take, Make, Waste’ to those that are regenerative by nature. Paradise Point, San Diego, CA. June 2-5, 2014.

Integrated Marketing Week: June 3-4, New York, USA


The event, arranged for second straight year, will become a platform where 1500 senior marketing leaders will come together to share their expertise in integrated marketing. The conference program spans three major themes—Lead: making it happen; Engage: from consumer to fan and advocate; and Analyze&Optimize: unlocking data for actionable insight. The keynote speakers will include representatives of Google, LinkedIn and VaynerMedia to name a few.

MozCon: July 14-16, Seattle, USA


The three-day event will deliver sessions themed around SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, and analytics to name but a few. The growing list of speakers will include experts from Google, Distilled, Integrate and more representatives of social media metric startups and companies.

In fall and early winter

TNW USA Conference 2014: October (dates TBD), New York, USA


The event will be all about exploring the future of the web and how it applies to the digital marketing business experience. Tickets will go on sale starting in May. The pool of invited experts is still not announced, but it just can’t be less impressive than the speakers team of the upcoming TNW’s event in Amsterdam (April 24-25) that will feature a lineup of 50+ speakers (co-founders, scientists, seniors, etc.) from Google, Intel, PayPal, Pinterest, and more.

Future of Marketing: October 16-18, Boston, USA


FutureM connects marketing and technology innovators to share spotted trends and insights into traditional marketing, digital marketing, R&D, product development as well as other fields that relate to customer engagement and influencing purchasing decisions. The event will bring together 100+ speakers, 65+ sessions and 3,000 attendees.

IGNITION: Future Of Digital: Dec. 1-3, New York, USA


The conference hosted by Business Insider will revolve around insights into the emerging digital business models. The attendees of the conference will explore the forecast as to how the media will develop on the intersection of technology and influence the ways we purchase products, invest, socialize, work, live, and play. The conference invites top managers from such global media platforms as Facebook, GroupM, The Huffington Post, Vice and more to reveal key trends in social and mobile to e-commerce, digital payments, cord-cutting, big data, internet of things, wearable technology, and the like.