Netfix looking for a content tagger in the UK

Netfix is on the lookout for a person who will watch its to-be-released content and tag it. The position, which is open for the UK and Ireland residents only, has been announced on the official site of the company.

The successful applicants, who will be ultimately hired, will be responsible for watching and analyzing yet upcoming TV programs and movies. Then, they will be providing the content with “objective tags” descriptions so that it would be easier for the audience to find the films in future. Of course, the taggers will work in the comfort of home to ensure their ultimate attention to what’s on the screen.

To promote the new position, Netfix has released a lovely animation spot that explains the responsibilities of a tagger and how the company tailors the watching experience to what each of users really wants to see. «If you’re passionate about film and TV, this could be the greatest part time job you ever hear about…» says the description to the spot.