Heineken presented a limited-edition “coolcan” with cold-activated design

Heineken is unveiling a new limited edition beer can that reacts to the low temperatures. The design developed by the French agency Raison Pure Paris features the cold-activated ink that adds ice cracks-inspired graphics elements to the design as the can gets chilled.

Photo:  Heineken Coolcans
Photo: Heineken Cool cans

The secret design of the “Cool Can Edition” get revealed when the can is chilled to a temperature of zero degrees and below. So, once the can is perfectly chilled and ready to drink, the pattern gets visible, signaling of the right time to enjoy the beer.

Heineken, which is always thinking outside the box in its strive to re-invent traditional approaches of marketing, is not the first to introduce the “coolcan.” Other brands like Coca-Cola and Coors Light also revealed cans that get additional elements as the packaging gets under cold exposure.

So far, the brand doesn’t share when and where the limited-edition cans will be available.