Only half of consumers believe that brands deliver on their promises, Gallup finds

The global research and analytics firm Gallup has polled nearly 18 million customers around the world to learn whether they feel that brands they use deliver on their promises. By the «promise of the brand» the research team means a unique statement that a company offers, and it depends on the employees’ ability to act on these offers.

The study shows that even the highest performing companies deliver on brand promises only 75% of the time. On average, this figure accounts for 50%.

The fewer customers feel that brands deliver on promises, the less is their level of brand engagement. The Gallup study shows that only 38% of global customers are fully engaged; all the rest are not loyal and may switch to other brands easily.

Moreover, 27% of employees are not fully engaged with the brands they work for, hence the low level of delivery on brand promises.

To raise the company’s profile and customer satisfaction rates, the Gallup team suggests three options:

  • To research and measure the brand promises by asking and answering what your brand stands for, make «brand promises» clear to all employees
  • To help employees deliver on brand promises by educating and training them, turning them into brand ambassadors.
  • To better research and understand customers’ needs.

More findings are available at The Gallup Business Journal.

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