Packaging components for Coke’s PlantBottle to be made of CO2 with Liquid Light’s technology

The Coca-Cola Company has stricken the deal with the U.S.-based innovative lab Liquid Light to further develop the CO2-to-Chemicals technology of making various multi-carbon chemicals such as propylene, isopropanol, and acetic acid from carbon dioxide. The company also converts CO2 to mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) which is a component of Coca-Cola’s PET PlantBottles. 

One of the advantages of this technology is the possibility of producing MEG as byproduct of converting plant materials such as sugarcane into ethanol, thus using bio materials sustainably, cost- and energy-efficiently. This means that Coca-Cola is to kill two birds with one stone: reduce carbon footprint and make PlantBottle cheaper and more beneficial to the environment.

In the video below Emily Cole, Co-founder and CEO of Liquid Light, explains how the technology works and why it’s important.