As the UK is totally obsessed with the royal family life in general and the first birthday of Prince George in particular, Samsung wanted to draw Brits’ attention to ordinary people around them. The tech brand teamed up with Cheil UK on a tongue-in-cheek outdoor campaign that celebrated birthday of George—not the royal baby, but George Jagger, a kid from a family living in Matlock, Derbyshire. 

Samsung is taking its charitable initiatives to a new level by releasing four films narrating stories of two physically challenged kids, whose life was significantly improved thanks to the company’s donation. The support was provided to them as part of the “Dream and Hope to Youth” initiative, launched in China to provide more youth education and medical volunteering opportunities in the region.

Thanks to Samsung and the digital agency Cheil, now every Android user has a chance to take part in scientific medical researches of deceases like cancer or Alzheimer… while sleeping. To do that, they may download an alarm clock app “Power Sleep” that enables smartphones to “work” for a good cause by contributing its unused processing power to a cloud-based supercomputer that assists researchers in their calculations.

Interbrand’s “2013 Best Global Brands” top 100 list has revealed that Coca-Cola, which used to lead the chart for the previous 13 years, has lost its dominance as the most valuable global brand, yielding precedency to the technology giant Apple estimated at $98.3 billion. The total value of all 100 best global brands is $1.5 trillion, which is 8.4% record increase over 2012, Interbrand reports.

Samsung Australia teams up with celebrated director Baz Lurman (Australia, The Great Gatsby) and the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) to spur filmmaking creativity among young talented minds. The brand is calling people aged 17-24 to join The Shoot for a chance to make a short film that will premiere at the Sydney Opera House during its 40th anniversary celebrations in late October. To develop the film, the creative team of the winners will be working cheek by jowl with professionals including Mr. Lurman and will be using a toolkit that will include the new GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY Gear.