AXE (Lynx) is well-known for its controversial campaigns, touching on the most personal themes, primarily about man-woman relationship. A few days ago, the brand has launched a nice poster in Hong Kong claiming that Lynx can turn a lesbian into a straight girl with just a few blasts of the body spray onto a male’s body. The promotion developed by BBH Asia Pacific in Singapore for the Hong Kong market builds on the announcement made by real-estate tycoon Cecil Chao, who offers HK $500 million dollars ($65 million US) to a guy who will turn his lesbian daughter Gigi into a straight gal.

There are dozens of ways to save water, ranging from using water-saving manufacturing technologies to washing jeans less frequently. AXE presents the most controversial way to reduce the water consumption—the brand is encouraging Americans to take shower together to save gallons of water. The brand launched a new campaign titled Showerpooling, calling ‘guys and gals’ across the country to take shower together for the great water conservation purpose. In 2010, AXE launched a similar initiative in Canada.

Brands take every opportunity to celebrate its connection with consumers, from their anniversaries to expanding friends list on social media channels. Lynx (AXE) has released a hilarious video “The one millionth Lynx Effect” to celebrate the fact that it has reached 1 million fans on Facebook as well as posted a series of fine themed visuals, informing that “1 million fans=337blue whales” and that “Lynx 1 million is five times higher than space station.”

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the largest and most prestigious annual awards in the advertising industry, culminated on Saturday, June 23, after announcing all winners in 15 categories. Traditionally, the festival is not only the platform for celebrating achievements in the industry for the past twelve months, but also a space where creative professionals come to debate, learn and get inspired via numerous creative exhibitions, seminars, screenings and workshops for both experts and emerging professionals.

AXE’s promotional activities traditionally revolve around major interests of young men—hot girls, dating without any responsibilities and the ways to attract the opposite sex. Now, AXE is kicking off an online promotion for new product, which builds on another male passion, gaming. The brand has unveiled a new mobile game, Axeman, and launched a new online destination Planetaxe, where guys can play and earn points, which can be ‘turned’ into prizes which cost $1+ million rewards, gear from MTV, GameFly, Xbox, SteelSeries, Live Nation, Philips, WildTangent, and Klondike.

AXE teaches guys how to “stay cool” in situations that might be irritating or stressful and always remember that patience is really rewarding. The controversial body care brand usually preaches that men should be open and do not hide their emotions, which are related to their male nature, but sometimes to be a macho means to be reserved. The Unilever’s brand has released a series of ‘educational’ 1-minute spots, telling how to behave if you have a Brainy, Sporty, High Maintenance, Party or Flirty Girl. All of the videos are uploaded to the brand’s official YouTube channel (unfortunately, the series is not the key element there, since the front page of the channel is still promoting the recent ‘Anarchy’ campaign).