The (RED) campaign aimed at raising awareness about fighting AIDS in Africa is growing bigger with new holiday additions on Facebook. Now you can kiss your lover, friends or relatives with (RED) lips. It’s not just a picture of a kiss, you hear all the romantic sounds, which can be heard when you give someone a smack. Then, you go and buy (RED) presents.

Puma seems to be completely ready for St. Valentine’s Day, and is offering you a great opportunity to congratulate the beloved one with a song while others are busy buying conventional cards and teddy-bears. The helps find the way out of a tough situation when you have your favourite team playing on Valentine’s Day and still want to greet your girlfriend.

Designers Fernando and Humberto Campana in cooperation with Lacoste created four limited-edition shirt designs, which are handmade in Brazil by the Coopa Roca Women’s Co-operative. The idea of the initiative was to provide the woman of Rocinha (largest favela in Rio de Janeiro) a nice job with a safe and neat place to work, earn money and still have time to take care after their families.

Wrangler has introduced a totally hilarious mini promo-campaign for its new collection Blue Bell Spring/Summer 2010 by Tony Ward. The new items are presented by a man (the designer himself) dressed in Wrangler jeans and shirts, who is a sort of tied to the visitor’s mouse. You can throw him, make him turn around, fall, rush — in other worlds, manipulate him. All you need is just click on the guy in the video and drag him around.