Puma Turns Sébastien Chabal into a Valentine Gift

Puma is continuing to launch viral videos dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day. The serenade from the pub is now joined by a hilarious spot featuring Sébastien Chabal, a French ruby player. If you still don’t know what to give your girl-friend for the holiday and just love sport as much as her, choose the Chabal Bear.


The sportsmen is known for his eccentric behavior and unusual appearance, which makes him a real caveman. Don’t forget that this is not just a toy, it monitors your activity daily and nightly. “Don’t look Shabal Bear directly in the eyes; in time Shabal Bear will grow physically stronger; if Chabal Bear escapes from cage, run away (cage sold separately),” the voiceover warns. The video teaches how to handle the new gift and in the end it seems that to have the most active dog ever is marginally better then to get the “bear”.