In its ninth year, Nielsen Consumer Confidence research continues to measure major concerns and spending/saving intentions of nearly 30,000 online respondents across 60 countries. Points above 100 on an imaginary baseline indicate degree of optimism, and points below 100 — on the contrary, negativism and lack of consumer confidence. 

Cities are gradually evolving into more personalized spaces, allowing citizens to organize their life in the most sustainable way. Originally being areas for masses, cities are shifting towards focusing on individuals—their intellectual and physical needs, their passions, social and environmental views and aspirations.

Within the past year, there have been two major trends in re-arranging urban life: on the one hand, cities tend to be eco-friendly and more comfortable; on the other hand, the urban environment integrates technology for communal living, thus gets more tech-oriented and somewhat futuristic.

Find some most vibrant trends in urban living that will gain momentum in 2014, below.