Cheryl Swanson’s recent article on Popsop discussed the ever-growing Generation Z and their influence over the larger populous. But this increasingly influential consumer group represents just one part of the age debate. The other? Anyone 50+. One third of the U.S. population will be over 50 by next year and whilst this consumer group may have made up a negligible part of the consumer demographic in past years, they are now stepping up and raising their expectations.

The article is written by Cheryl Swanson, Principal at Toniq, USA

Here at Toniq, we are heavily rooted in the ongoing study of semiotics. Semiotics is a study of the elements of communication in our culture that we create, evolve and interact with on a daily basis. This includes symbols and signs, linguistics and semantics, and the effects of how these codes come to define trends and shape cultures.  With methodologies stemming from anthropology and social sciences, we are able to uncover the semiotics that defines current generational trends. Here are a few examples.

The article is written by Dave Timothy, Senior Account Director at strategic packaging and design consultancy Anthem Worldwide

Looking back at previous times of austerity, our lives and shopping habits seemed a lot simpler then. People used to save up for what they wanted and ‘make do and mend’ was a way of life, rather than a fashionable hobby. However, with so many years of boom before the bust, we have tasted the good life, and we liked it!

Modern technologies can provide you with almost any kind of relevant information in just a blink of an eye—searching information on a PC at a desk has already became an essential part of our life, but with the rapid development of mobile technologies, tech giants are now offering us more opportunities as we can learn about things on-the-go by entering not text, but images to get information.

With less than a few weeks left before we all enter the year of 2012 (as some believe, the last one in our calendar), we are looking back at what innovations captured consumers’ attention over the past 12 months. Some of the new projects and products appeared within the trends, which emerged earlier, and some of them are truly innovative and ambitions and pave the way for something completely unseen and unpredicted by average minds.