To promote the “Dare To Be Tender” message in France, Milka and the Paris-based ad agency Buzzman are rolling out a new ad campaign for which the brand had to change the entire manufacturing process to create 13 million chocolate bars that were all missing the last square. Consumers who buy an unusual bar in a promotional packaging can decide whether they want to claim this morsel back or give it to their dear ones.

Yesterday, the first same-sex French wedding was arranged in the city of Montpellier following the passage of a law allowing same-sex couples to marry and adopt children. Prior to the legalization of gay marriage in the country, non-profit organization Tous Unis Pour l’Egalité teamed up with Google and Ogilvy Paris to provide French same-sex couples with an opportunity to wed over the Internet, via Google+ Hangout.

Mercedes-Benz turned to the public’s creative force in its latest initiative, “#Untamed,” launched to promote the automaker’s new CLA model. The luxury car manufacturer invited creative minds from all across the globe to contribute their original immersive imagery through Instagram for the “#Untamed. A Digital Photo Installation”. The user-generated digital photo exhibition, the first of its kind, took place in Paris from 3-14 April, at a specially-designed pop-up showroom.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary in France, WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) has launched an imaginative project revolving around the use of fur. Marcel and Publicis Argentina developed a campaign, World Wonder Fur, featuring three “certified 100% imaginary” animals that give away their fur in a totally non-violent way. The initiative includes a scroll-down website, prints, two faux nature documentary spots directed by Brent Harris, and a collection of real clothing and accessories «made of» the fur of the imaginative «world’s new species.»