Milka “dares” to sell 13M chocolate bars missing the last square to test generosity of the French

To promote the “Dare To Be Tender” message in France, Milka and the Paris-based ad agency Buzzman are rolling out a new ad campaign for which the brand had to change the entire manufacturing process to create 13 million chocolate bars that were all missing the last square. Consumers who buy an unusual bar in a promotional packaging can decide whether they want to claim this morsel back or give it to their dear ones.

For either option, they can enter a special code printed on the inside of the wrapper on a promotional microsite. Those who select the sharing option are asked to enter the address of a person and a short message. The gift—the wrapped “last square”—is then sent to the receiver along with the warm words. In the video, the new activation is described as “a super product change that creates a truly engaging experience for the consumer.”

The Mondelez International-owned brand is set to promote the initiative through February 14, 2014 across TV and online platforms with a TV advert and a “specially tender Internet film.